Josh is a well known lover of memes and animals, bully, lockpicker, friend, and serial adulterer. He has been known to refer to multiple people, both male and female, as "My honey, my love" within five minutes, often in front of the other people he has referred to in this way. However, his one true love remains No More Tangles Baby Shampoo. He often clashes with his arch-nemeses Kian, Thomas, Finn, Leo, Gwen, Matt Cook, and Gabriela.

Famous Quotes Edit

  • "Josh McYotes rides again!"
  • "I'm not angry. I'm not angry. I'm NOT ANGRY!"
  • "I smoked half a weed and now I'm half gay. #TheRealCost"
  • "I am a collective hallucination of everyone at Scattergood, so apparently everyone's subconscious is a dick."
  • "Sometimes, you gotta listen to nature. And sometimes, nature is telling you to FUCK OFF."
  • "Have I ever told you how much I value our friendship?"
  • "Seize the memes of production."
  • "MACHINE!"

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